Course Programme







General presentation and introduction to entrepreneurship

Presented by Júlia Palma, Head of the Entrepreneurship Area of the PRUAB (Research Park of the Autonomous University of Barcelona).

  • Entrepreneurial attitudes.
  • Presentation of UAB campus success stories.
  • Group dynamics among participants: generate empathy among participants; introduce them to the importance of prototypes and being capable of improvement based on validated learning experiences.
  • Case Study







Introduction to Business Model Canvas

Presented by Júlia Palma, Head of the Entrepreneurship Area of the PRUAB (Research Park of the Autonomous University of Barcelona).

  • Identification of problems / opportunities: Identification of customers, idea validation, and survey creation.
  • Development of ideas structuring information: real data of the need to measure the market, approach to and viability of the solution, and possible competitors.
  • Validation of business ideas and hypotheses using Business Model Canvas: Uncertainty, risk, and business hypothesis; the use of tools to design and begin validating the model.




Presented by sponsor market experts.

Each project will be assigned a mentor who is an expert in the technology market and who will advise the team. The mentors will include members of the Fundación Repsol, InnoEnergy, Victoria Capital and Demeter.












Presented by Juan F. Sangüesa, Head of the projects area and Júlia Palma, Head of the PRUAB entrepreneurship area.

  • Public and private sources of funding

How to prepare an Elevator Pitch

Presented by Josep-Miquel Torregrosa, InnoEnergy Business Creation Officer.

  • Understand the key aspects of the skills required by any leader when presenting their project rapidly, directly and convincingly under any circumstances.
  • Selling your project efficiently: present, communicate, and convince.
  • Reflection: are you ready to awaken interest in your audience?
  • Tools and tricks that are not in the books.
  • Action learning: intensive, practical, and easy training to make you capable of captivating.




Business creation 

Presented by Jorge-Miquel Rodríguez and Carles Gòrriz, UAB lecturers in Business Law.

  • Constitution of technology based companies.
  • Agreement among partners: typical clauses.
  • Transfer agreement: typical clauses.




Technology-based IP

Presented by Xavier Vallvé, Director of the UAB area of evaluation and patents.

  • Intellectual and industrial property rights.
  • Applying for patents.
  • How to evaluate technologies – assessment models.







The final Pitch

The teams will present their projects before a panel of experts from the Repsol Foundation Entrepreneurs Fund and InnoEnergy. They will be assessed for:

  • The validity of the scientific and technical basis of the proposal.
  • The innovation level of the proposal.
  • The economic and business viability of the proposal; the economic and social impact of introducing the product / service on the market.
  • The energetic and environmental impact of introducing the product / service on the market.
  • Assessment of the team presenting the proposal.
  • The social benefit of implementation of the business proposal in its area of application.

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