The initiative

Engega! contributes to encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit and culture of innovation and also offers support for modelling the ideas of researchers and PhD students in the energy efficiency sector. The programme helps researchers find new applications for their technologies by providing market solutions.

The programme, conducted in English, will provide the tools required by researchers to enable their projects gain access to The Fundación Repsol Entrepreneurs Fund and the InnoEnergy Cleantech Camp.

Who is it designed for?

It is aimed at researchers, doctoral students, and companies who have a technology that is outstanding for its use of procedures or technologies that imply significant contributions to the areas of energy efficiency and savings.

For example, projects based on:

  • The development of new technologies, services, products and materials to promote energy efficiency along the entire process: research, production, distribution, supply and use of energy.
  • The development of innovative technologies for the storage and management of energy transport/distribution networks that ensure less energy consumption.
  • Application of information technology designed to increase savings in consumption and improve energy efficiency.
  • New materials for the energy and chemical industry: technologies associated with obtaining high-performance materials for the energy and chemical industry.
  • Recovery of energy from waste to encourage the development of an efficient circular economy.
  • Mobility: innovative technologies and business models related to forms of disruptive mobility, both of people and of things; with management systems for big data and data science, and with algorithms for obtaining knowledge.
  • Smart buildings and cities

The program is free for the UAB community and participation must be as a group comprised of at least two, and a maximum of five, people. The cost of the program for non-UAB community members and companies will be 150 Euros.

Why participate?

  • Because you will work with the most important agents promoting the energy sector; the Repsol Foundation Entrepreneurs Fund and the InnoEnergy Business Accelerator.
  • Because you will be in contact with the sector’s entrepreneur ecosystem.
  • Because you will have a specialised mentor.
  • Because you will acquire the basic notions of business management and intellectual property (IP) protection to begin a project.

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